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by Scott Westerfeld
February 23, 2012




P. 203 "The flowers were so beautiful, so delicate and unthreatening, but they choked everything around them."
P. 402 "One thing about being pretty, people put with your annoying habits."
P. 408 "You're all full of schemes and rebellions, crazy with fear and paranoia, even jealousy...that's what being ugly does."


"Ugly" and "Pretty" stories
The book "Uglies" sparked a lot of discussion about beauty (and our perception of beauty). We shared stories about times in our life when we felt particularly ugly and pretty. We talked about weddings, bad hairstyles, and huge pimples! We shared a lot of laughs and we even shed a tear or thing that we all agreed on is that "a woman who reads is truly beautiful!"

Celebrity Photos Game
Kellie printed out pictures of celebrities with no makeup. Then, we had to guess who each person was! This was harder than we thought! Then, we looked at the amazing transformation these celebrities had when their hair and makeup was all professionally done.