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Macedoine of Fruits in Champagne
From Julia's Delicious Little Dinners by Julia Child
Page 15

Made by Mary

Plan as attractive a mixture of cut-up fruits as you can muster, considering the season of the year.  Summer is ideal, of course, with fresh apricots, peaches, cherries, berries, and all the bounties the warm months can offer.  December is more of a problem.  However, one can still have fresh oranges and grapefruit cut into skinless segments, an occasional strawberry or melon, pineapple, bananas, and grapes to peel and seed.  And there are nuts to sliver or chop, and shavings of ginger (either candied or fresh).  And of course, the canned and frozen fruits that can marry with the fresh.  Among canned fruits I do like figs in syrup, dark-purple plums, and sometimes mandarin or tangerine segments, as well as the exotic fragrance of a few kumquats, sliced thin and seeded.  Frozen blueberries have the charm of deep purple for color, and sometimes whole strawberries are successful.  I shall not offer a combination since it is too personal and seasonal a dish, but I do suggest a careful design and sprinklings of kirsch, white rum, or Cognac, if you like such additions.  Let the fruits macerate together in their covered serving bowl in the refrigerator for several hours, and taste frequently in case more lemon, or even orange juice, or liqueurs are needed - and you may want to drain off some of the juices before serving. 
Then, at the table, and just before ladling out, pour some Champagne from bottle either into the serving bowl or into each dish - that fizzling sudden sparkle of foam transforms a simple collection of cut-up fruits into a dressy macedoine au Champagne.  Then pour out a glass of the same Champagne for each guest, to accompany the fruit.