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We are a group of women who range in age from 33-47.  We come from all walks of life, we have different professions, different levels of education and different backgrounds, families, and homes.  Being different is what makes our group so much fun.  And what we have in common makes our group amazing.  We are all mothers, with children who range in age from newborn to 21!  We love to eat, which is why we take great care in planning our menus each month.  And mostly, we love to read, thus the title of our webpage:  "Mom's Reading".  All of us have uttered these words to our children at one time or another.  When we're so engrossed in a book (or we have to read it by book club that night at 7:00), and our children are vying for our attention, we barely look up from our book and say, "In a minute, Mom's reading!"

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Welcome to our Web site!

Thanks for visiting our site today!  We are a group of moms who come from all walks of life who just love to read.  We wanted to share our stories with other readers out there.  So, peruse our website; pick up some tips for your book club; see what we're reading; recommend a book to us; learn some new recipes; get to know our members; or buy some books through  If you have any questions or comments, please use our guestbook.  It will be fun to read your messages!

Our Background

Our Next Book(s)

We had our first meeting on September 17, 2004.  We had a very slow start, which I think is pretty normal.  We had 6 members at the time.  We discussed Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes.  We had some pretty differing opinions on this book, and that's when we knew this book club would be a lot of fun.  We all did agree though, that the Italian food we feasted on was heavenly!  The chefs among us went all out, and it was then we decided to create menus that corresponded with the book. 

We met very randomly at the beginning.  It probably took about 4-5 books to really get going.  If you're starting a book club, click here for some advice.  From the original six members, four have remained and we've added another six.  Over the course of the years, four members left for one reason or another and sometimes new members were immediately added!  We joke that we need a wait list! 

We also started meeting on a rotating schedule.  One month it would be a Thursday night.  The next month, a Friday night, and so on.  But, we soon learned that this was confusing and we all really preferred Friday nights.  Many of our book club meetings go to the wee hours of the morning.  So, a weekend night made more sense. 

Now, we all truly love our book club and the friends we have made.  We consider ourselves pretty lucky to be part of such an amazing group.


Moms Reading Goes to the Movies!
Friday March 23, 2012

A trip to see "Hunger Games"! 


Photo  Galleries

Our Meetings
We try to take pictures at each meeting.  These are some of our favorites.

Our 75th Book
July, 2011. We read The Gardner Heist and then visited The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. We had a great day! We weren't allowed to take pictures inside the museum but we still have some pictures to help us remember this special anniversary!

Meeting Jodi Picoult
March, 2010.  We read Picture Perfect and took a field trip to hear Jodi Picoult talk and read from her newest book.  We loved meeting her!

Our 50th Anniversary
July, 2009.  We took an overnight to Lennox, MA and stayed at The Eastover Resort and we visited the Museum of the Gilded Age.  We had a great time!

Our Halloween Pictures
October 30, 2009.  We wore costumes to celebrate the reading of Garlic and Sapphires: The Secret Life of a Critic in Disguise.

Our Field Trip to CT & NYC
May, 2008.  We took our first field trip to Connecticut and New York City to meet with an author and see a play.  It was an amazing trip!


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